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A column that mixes fantasy and sensuality with the reality of travel.

FLAVORS OF TRAVEL. The scent of garlic wafts through the air, sharper than basil, thicker than jasmine on a soft summer night.

ANY PLACE BUT HERE, ANY TIME BUT NOW. He doesn’t send flowers anymore. She hasn’t initiated sex in months.

 A COCKTAIL PARTY TO DIE FOR. The side-glances are frequent, and blatant; the eye contact prolonged.




A travel column every man should read

BABY BEGGARS AND BOAT BOYS. At first they’re cute. Then after you’ve been in, say, India a few days, they’re not so cute.


BANANAS MAKE BETTER HAIR CURLERS. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Perryville, Missouri or in San German, Puerto Rico Murphy’s Law is international

BLOOD IN BELIZE'S BLUE HOLE. After land roving Belize’s steamy inland jungles for two weeks, I headed offshore for its spectacular coral jungles.





A column that makes sense of the booming travel industry


MAPS AND OTHER THINGS GEOGRAPHICAL. Just like nostalgia for the 1960s, geography’s coming back.

OFF ROAD TRAVEL'S MIXED SIGNALS. Some TV commercials are tapping into the thrill of adventure travel these days.


SCREWED BY AN OOSIK AT THE BORDER. What he said didn't register: "I'm sorry ma'am, but you can't bring that with you into Canada."